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Legendary Alpine was born out of a desire to recapture the glamour, style and cool of classic Alpine skiwear, when piste fashion was as much about form as it was about function.

We aim to revive that spirit and update this style, using modern fabrics and construction to create relevant contemporary skiwear that evokes a classic past. What started out as a passion project has snowballed into something bigger.

While the resurgence of retro jumpsuits as an ironic joke is all well and good, we aim to recapture the vintage cool that’s so often overlooked from the heyday of legendary skiwear and update it for modern tastes – and with all the functionality you’d expect from cutting edge alpine gear.


Who’s behind this?

Hi, I’m Lorraine, a skier since I was four, lover of all things alpine and admirer of my parent’s gear from the 70s and 80s.

In fact, dancing around one après session in my mum’s trusty high-waisted, slimline 70s salopettes with my ski bestie Alice also in her mum’s likewise pair, the plan for Legendary Alpine was hatched.

We noted that no one else was wearing anything like our salopettes, the bar was a sea of heavy, baggy fabric and we concluded that the time was ripe to reintroduce some flair and fun!

I hope you’re intrigued and I hope you’ll enjoy your legendary salopettes should you make the excellent choice to purchase a pair. It’s a bold shout, but once you’re in them, you’ll feel legendary ;)     

Lorraine x

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